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Area Information - Four different regions to choose from!

Finnish flag is a common sight in Finland Finland is a large country by European standards stretching from the Baltic Coast in the South to far above the Arctic Circle in the North. The natural landscape, weather and activities available for visitors are very different from one region to the next, so it is good to find out a little bit about each region before choosing your destination. The regions of Finland can roughly be divided into four areas: Lapland, Lakeland, West and South. This page gives you only a brief description of each region, but if you wish to find out more, just click on the region's name or the map provided.

Click here to find out more about LaplandLapland
Lapland is the most northern region of Finland and in fact two thirds of this region are located above the Arctic Circle. Lapland has large areas of wilderness and wild fells that are inhabited by semi-wild reindeer and many other northern species and birds. The fells are broken by little villages and lively ski resorts such as Levi, Ruka, Ylläs, Pyhä and Saariselkä. 

If the main part of your holiday in Finland is likely to consist of downhill skiing, you might wish to stay in or near one of the ski resorts, while if you are looking for a romantic winter wonderland just for two of you, our cosy log cabins in traditional Lappish villages come warmly recommended. The winters are dark and cold and the skiing season lasts roughly from mid-October to mid-May. In summer on the other hand, the sun does not set for two months from June to July and the days are warm and dry.

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Click here to find out more about LakelandLakeland
Lakeland is the largest lake region in Europe and the area covers thousands of lakes and small tree-covered islands that together form the unique Lakeland Archipelago. The Lakeland region is breathtakingly beautiful all year round from snowy dark winters to bright warm summers when the sun only sets for a few hours every night. 

The Lakeland region is very peaceful and offers a wonderful range of nature and wildlife in the dense woods and clear blue lakes that scatter the region. A number of cultural and natural attractions are available for visitors particularly in summer, when the region is the favourite hot spot for the holidaying Finns themselves.  

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Click here to find out more about the western regionWestern Lakes
The Western Lakes region consists of vast plains of beautiful countryside and a fantastic 700km long coastline. Along the mild coast, you will find pretty seaside towns and long sandy beaches. The Swedish influence is strong due to the close proximity as well as a long history when Finland was ruled by the Swedish Kings, who also founded many of the towns in the region. 

The Western region is a combination of peaceful countryside and larger towns such as Tampere, that offers plenty of cultural attractions and amusement for the whole family. Tampere can be reached easily from the UK by using the direct low cost Ryanair service from London Stansted.  

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Click here to find out more about the southern regionSouth  
The Southern region of Finland is full of charming Scandinavian towns, family attractions and Nordic history. This region also has the largest archipelago in the world just off Turku. The Southern region tends to stay warmer than rest of Finland due to its more southern position and the warming effect of the sea. Helsinki and Turku offer plenty of sights for those interested in exploring typically Scandinavian cities with modern, cosmopolitan museums, shops and restaurants. 

This region offers cabins in varied settings from sea side and lakeside cabins in the continent to island cabins in the amazing 20,000 island Turku Archipelago. Combine your countryside cottage holiday in this region with a short break in bustling Helsinki or Turku and see the contrast of Scandinavian city living and the tranquil life in the countryside. 

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