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Finland for You - Something for everyone!

No matter what your interests are or who you are travelling with, there is something for you in Finland. Nature and wildlife lovers are particularly spoilt for choice, but there is also a lot to do for families, couples, groups, thrill seekers, cyclists, fishermen and those interested in culture, history, architecture or religion.


Wild reindeers in LaplandFinland for Nature and Wildlife Lovers

Finland is a heaven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. 69% of Finland is covered by forests, while 10% of the country is covered by lakes. There are over 30 National Parks, 20 Nature Reserves and many more areas of untouched wilderness, where you can go hiking or picking wild berries or mushrooms. Many national parks have areas for lighting campfires for basic cooking and coffee, while
Everyman's Rights entitle you to fully enjoy the nature, as long as you don't cause damage or disturb others. The undisturbed forests and lakes together with abundance of food have enabled many endangered and rare species to thrive in Finland. Wildlife such as Saimaa ringed seals, flying squirrels, brown bears, wolves, moose, reindeers, lynx, wolverines and birds such as owls, woodpeckers, grouse, arctic waders, taiga bean geese, cranes, golden and white-tailed eagles and whooper swans are still spotted regularly. 


TobogganingFinland for Families

Finland is great for visitors of all ages. Crime is practically unknown and lack of traffic makes it easy to travel by foot or bicycle. As a rule, the Finns are child-friendly and many attractions offer good child discounts or 'Family Tickets', that offer great value for money! Restaurants and museums often have a play area. In winter, children will enjoy building snowmen, skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding and ice-skating or joining a snowmobile, reindeer or husky safari. In summer, children will enjoy animal, water and amusement parks, while they are also encouraged to use their own imagination playing on the beaches, lake shores and woods.


Snuggling coupleFinland for Couples

The Finnish nature is full of romance. Enjoy being together in your very own cabin hideaway amidst the woods, far away from crowds and your normal day-to-day lives. Cabins offer great comfort and those by one of the many lakes offer amazing pink and orange sunsets for you to admire together. Besides snuggling in your cosy cabin, it is worth exploring the many Finnish ski resorts, where you can try new activities together or join a safari. Shopping opportunities, restaurants and lively bars can be found in all larger towns and ski resorts, particularly during the ski season. 


Group of friendsFinland for Groups 

Groups can stay in one large cabin or a few smaller cabins located near to each other. Holiday villages and ski resorts offer social atmosphere and plenty of activities to join in. In winter, you could get together for a snowmobile, husky or reindeer safari, while at all other times, try river rafting, canoeing, fishing, golf, quad-biking, horse-riding or mountain biking. All equipment can normally be rented locally from ski resorts or from local safari organisers. The larger ski resorts, particularly in Lapland, are also great places for meeting people from all around the world and for enjoying lively nightlife centered around the resort bars and nightclubs. 


Rock climbing in winterFinland for Thrill Seekers

Finland is a country of extreme sports and if you like your activities fast and furious, look no further! In winter, try snowboarding, alpine or downhill skiing, horse-riding along snowy tracks, ice-skating on iced up lakes, rock climbing on snowy and icy slopes or snowmobiling through woods and frozen lakes. At all other times, try river rafting, canoeing, mountain or quad biking, go-carting down a dry ski slope, mountain horse-riding, motor biking, motor boating, jet skiing, windsurfing, hot air ballooning or water-skiing! Some cabin owners and villages lend or rent equipment, but the widest choice can be found in ski resorts or from local activity organisers. 


Mountain biking in LaplandFinland for Cyclists

Finland offers cycling with a difference. The Lakeland Archipelago offers breathtakingly beautiful scenery for cycling amongst the many lakes and islands, Lapland has wild fells ideal for mountain biking amongst reindeers and Turku Archipelago (South) has unique cycling routes from one island to another via bridges and small ferries, that sail between the tiny islands. Cycling in Finland is particularly pleasant also because there is little traffic and you will often have the roads to yourself! Good cycle lanes are also often provided, even through larger towns, and you will find that walkways are often divided into two lanes, one for pedestrians and the other for cyclists. The easiest cycling is in the flat Western region and on the Southern Western islands, whereas the Lakeland and Lapland regions are more hilly.


FishingFinland for Fishermen

Finland is the fisherman's paradise. Over 188,000 lakes, the long coastline and numerous rivers and rapids offer plenty of opportunities for catching perch, pike, grayling, salmon, pikeperch, whitefish, arctic char, trout and burbot. Fishing in the light of the Midnight Sun or ice-fishing through a hole on ice can be an exhilarating experience! Local fishing guides can be hired for assistance or you can fish by yourself, but if you are going to use equipment other than a rod and line, you will need to arrange
a fishing permit.  


Medieval Olavinlinna Castle in SavonlinnaFinland for Those Interested in Culture, History or Architecture

You can see Finnish culture everywhere, but if you want to dig in deeper, visit museums and nature centres, that often have multimedia exhibitions to keep even the younger visitors interested. In Lapland, you can learn about the indigenous Sami people and their culture, history and customs in museums such as
Siida in Inari. In Lakeland, Savonlinna Opera Festival is the highlight of the summer for many opera lovers worldwide, while the medieval Olavinlinna Castle where the festival is staged, offers guided tours depicting the colourful history of Finland under the Swedish and Russian powers. For architecture, look for buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, the great Finnish architect, for example in Jyväskylä (Lakeland), Alajärvi (West) or Helsinki (South).  


Valamo resident monksFinland for Those Interested in Religion     

85% of Finns follow the Lutheran religion, while 1% live by the Finnish Orthodox religion. Beautiful churches can be visited anywhere, but it is the Orthodox culture and the places of worship, that many visitors come to see and it is easy to see why. The centre of Finnish Orthodox religion in Finland is
Valamo Monastery (Lakeland), that offers beautiful churches with extremely decorative paintings and objects. You can visit the monastery and learn more about this fascinating religion from the resident monks. 


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