Angling with a rod and line
Fishing Permits
If you are planning to do fishing while in Finland, you need to be aware of the necessary fishing permits you may need.

If you will be fishing with a rod, line and a hook only in summer or ice-fishing with the same basic equipment in winter, you do not normally need a permit, but if you will be using any other equipment, you will probably need to pay a national fisheries management fee and you will also have to acquire a fishing permit for the area / county you will be staying in. 

People who are under 18 or over 65 years old, as well as those who will merely assist in fishing, rather than handle the fishing equipment themselves, do not usually have to pay the fees.

National Fisheries Management Fee:

The national fisheries management fee is currently 22 euros for a year and 7 euros for a seven day period. The funds raised by this fee are used to benefit fish stocks and fishermen in many ways, while about a third of the funds are used to manage fishing waters.

Provincial Fishing Permit: 

Provincial fishing permit allows you to fish in specific area or county in Finland. The permit currently costs 29 euros for a year and 7 euros for a week. The funds obtained from selling these permits are distributed to the owners of the fishing waters.

More information about fishing permits can be found from Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Fisheries and Game online at You will also be able to purchase your permits on the same website.     


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