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Lapland Lapland - The home of Santa Claus and his reindeer!
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Most of Lapland lies above the Arctic Circle and winters in Lapland are long and snow generally arrives in November and lasts until May. Lapland is the land of the Midnight Sun in summer and the home of the Northern Lights in winter. Lapland is also where Santa Claus lives with his elves and semi-wild reindeers, side by side with the indigenous Sami people, who have lived in the region for thousands of years. The population density in Lapland is just 2.2 persons per square km, so you will find that this region offers vast areas of untouched wilderness, pristine forests and huge national parks in addition to ski resorts that cater from beginners to the most advanced.


Ski Resorts

Snowmobile safari in PyhaPyhä Ski Resort
Beautiful Pyhä has 10 varied ski slopes that range from family slopes suitable for beginners to demanding slopes that are strictly for experienced skiers only. A ski school and a ski rental shop are provided, while snowmobile, husky and reindeer safaris are also available. Genuine, uncommercial ski resort in beautiful surroundings within an easy reach from Rovaniemi.  

Levi FellsLevi Ski Resort
Lively Levi has 45 ski slopes, 5 slopes for snowboarders, 26 ski lifts, a cable car, 230km of cross-country skiing tracks, 4 ski hire shops, a ski school, 25 restaurants and cafes, 3 supermarkets, an off-licence, post office, chemist and a spa complex. Well established resort with good child care facilities and safaris near Kittila Airport.

Santa and his Reindeers in SaariselkaSaariselkä Ski Resort
Atmospheric Saariselkä is formed of two fells where you will find 11 ski slopes, snowboarding, 6 ski lifts, 230km of cross-country skiing tracks, snowmobiling tracks, a ski rental shop and a ski school. The resort village has a supermarket, chapel, restaurants and snowmobile, husky and reindeer safaris. Magical ski resort within a short distance from Ivalo Airport.   

Snowmobile safari in RukaRuka Ski Resort
Popular Ruka has 28 ski slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding, 18 ski lifts and 200km of cross-country skiing tracks. The resort has a ski school, ski rental shops, restaurants, supermarkets and bars. Snowmobile, husky and reindeer safaris in winter. Canoeing, hiking and white water rafting in summer in Oulanka National Park.

Reindeer in YllasYlläs Ski Resort
Family-friendly Ylläs is formed of two villages; Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo. The resort has 43 varied ski slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding, 320km of cross-country skiing tracks, a ski school and a ski rental shop. The 'Snow Village' made of snow and ice, as well as snowmobile, reindeer and husky safaris offer fun for the whole family near Kittila Airport.

skiing in HettaHetta Ski Resort
Small scale Hetta Ski Resort is located in the genuine Lapp village of Hetta and has 6 ski slopes (5 for adults and 1 for children), a street for snowboarding, 2 ski lifts, toboggan hills, 100km of cross-country ski tracks, a ski hire shop, ski school and a cafe. The resort is ideal for beginners and children, as the slopes are small (only 105m at their highest).  

Snowy fun in LuostoLuosto Ski Resort
Traditional Luosto has 7 ski slopes, a street for snowboarding, 3 ski lifts, toboggan hills, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling tracks, a ski rental shop, ski school, restaurants, bars, a supermarket, spa and swimming pools. Enjoy a meal in the world's largest log restaurant and join a snowmobile, husky or a reindeer safari. Easy access from Rovaniemi Airport. 


Year Round Attractions

Santa ClausSanta Claus Village and Post Office
The Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi is open all year and consists of Santa's Office, where you can meet the man himself, Santa's Post Office from where you can send a post card stamped with the official Santa's postmark and a small number of gift shops. 

Meet Santa in the Santa ParkSanta Park
Santa Park in the Arctic Circle celebrates Christmas spirit 150 days a year. The artificial caves house amusement park rides and an elf school that will appeal particularly to the youngest members in your party. Santa Claus himself can also be spotted in the Park.

Sami people with their teepee and reindeerSiida - Sami Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre
See how the Sami people of Lapland have lived for centuries and how they have adapted to the harsh living conditions in the Arctic. Siida Museum in Inari includes permanent and temporary exhibitions covering a range of topics from Sami culture and history to nature photography and conservation. 

Arktikum Centre in RovaniemiArktikum Centre
For a fascinating glimpse of history, culture, traditions and modern life in the Arctic region, visit the unique Arktikum Centre in Rovaniemi. Walk through the 172m long glass main corridor and enjoy the permanent and temporary exhibitions taking place all year round.

See brown bears in Ranua ZooRanua Wildlife Park
See over 50 Northern and Arctic animals in the Ranua Wildlife Park, that also acts as an Animal Hospital for injured wildlife in the area. The animals in the park include bears, lynxes, otters, beavers, moose, wolves, wolverines and polar bears. A Fazer sweet shop, horse riding, mini car track and a restaurant are also available.    


Winter Fun

Reindeer safariReindeer, Snowmobile and Husky Safaris
Reindeer, snowmobile and husky safaris are offered in the many ski resorts that scatter the region. Professional guides speak English and will often provide you with all necessary equipment and snowsuits. Sitting on a sledge drawn by a reindeer or a team of huskies can be great fun, while snowmobiling lets you explore areas usually out of bounds due to thick walls of snow!

Ice Bar in the Snow VIllage in Yllas (photo by Yllas-Safaris Ltd)Snow Village
The 1000m² Snow Village in Ylläs allows you to enjoy a drink in the Ice Bar, that has been constructed from pure snow and ice. The village features magnificent snow art and sculptures, an ice maze and the world's largest igloo. The Village is open daily from 1st of December onwards. 

Hetta Snow CastleHetta Snow Castle
Visit the Snow Castle in Hetta where you can wander in different rooms made of snow and admire beautiful sculptures made of ice. The Castle also has a cafe where you can enjoy hot drinks and snacks during your visit.


National Parks

Hiking in the Oulanka National ParkOulanka National Park
A large area of wilderness, that is popular particularly amongst hikers, who come to complete the famous 83km ' Bear's Trail'. The ravines, fells and primeval forests are rich in flora and wildlife including 30 species of mammals, 120 species of birds and over 7000 species of insects. 

HikingPyhä-Luosto National Park
A beautiful national park that was created to conserve nature, preserve indigenous people’s culture and to serve as a visitor destination particularly for hiking. Some of the trees in the park are 400 years old and the park is well known for its majestic old pine forests, interesting geology and the fascinating Sámi history. The park and its fells consists of treeless peaks, deep ravines, lush forests and small rivers.  

Mountain-bikingUrho Kekkonen National Park
A huge 2550 park that consists of majestic fells, large swamps, dense woods and untouched wilderness. Reindeer herding is common and you may spot reindeers and local herdsmen in their daily work during your visit. Other inhabitants in the park include bears, wolverines, wolves, lynxes, rabbits, moose, foxes, pine martens, stoats, otters and 130 species of birds. Hiking, mountain biking and horse-riding are popular.

HikingPallas-Ylläs Fells National Park
The third largest national park in Finland (1020 is a varied mixture of fells, woods, swamps and the cleanest air in Europe! The signposted hiking trails cover 320km and most routes allow you to admire the majestic fells in the horizon. Reindeers, bears and moose are common, while wolves, wolverines and lynxes are occasional visitors.


Rock climbingKorouoma Canyon
Korouoma Canyon in Posio was formed hundreds of millions of years ago when the earth split in this particular spot. The canyon is well known particularly for its pretty frozen waterfalls in winter, when cross-country skiing and snowshoe trekking are popular ways of getting around the area. Nature expeditions and rock climbing are organised year round. 


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